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the monumental misrememberings

Mimi Tempestt

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the monumental misrememberings is a meditation on death. It’s a curious insight on the creative and violent ways in which Black girls, women, trans women and femmes often become displaced, experience death, and subjugation as a result of patriarchal systems in America.

This debut collection of poems by Mimi Tempestt operates through this specific lens, not to romanticize the pain of Black femme bodies, but to bring light to this sadistic truth. When we turn on the television, when we log into social media, when we look in the mirror, the normalcy of how often and creatively Black women are murdered weighs on our conscience. the monumental misrememberings addresses our unwillingness to grapple with these violences, and places front and center the realities faced by Black femmes.

Paperback | 88 pages | 5" x 7.5"

Self published by Co—Conspirator Press with the support of Feminist Center for Creative Work.

Designed by MJ Balvanera, Riso-printed by Neko Natalia.