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Salmon: A Red Herring


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Salmon is the colour of a wild fish that is neither wild, nor fish, nor even salmon. But they are not alone. The changing colours of species around the planet are warning signs of an environmental crisis. Many of these alterations result from humans and animals ingesting and absorbing synthetic substances. Changes in flesh, scales, feathers, skin, leaves, or wings give us clues to environmental and metabolic transformations around us and inside us. Salmon: A Red Herring questions what colours we expect in our ‘natural’ environment. It asks us to examine how our perception of colour is changing as much as we are changing the planet.

Forewords by Hannah Landecker, Bruno Latour, Hans Ulrich Obrist and David Zilber. Graphic design by Ben Ganz

Paperback | 176 pages | 7cm x 10.8cm