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Notebook Magazine ISSUE 2


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Issue 2 of the Notebook magazine tours around the world with a new collection of features, many devoted to the theme of travel: from Buenos Aires to Cairo, from Germany to Greece (and even to outer space!), we take you on a whirlwind multimedia trip of the moving image.

Land in 1970s Los Angeles through Michelangelo Antonioni's previously unpublished travel diaries; visit Fårö island with cartoonist and animator Dash Shaw; stop by essential art exhibitions across cities in Europe; and marvel at New York's Grand Central Terminal, the setting for iconic film scenes which are mapped in bustling choreographic cartography. Completing the Issue are, among others, photographs from director Park Chan-wook (The Handmaiden, Decision to Leave), a personal chronicle of independent self-distribution by filmmaker/photographer Danny Lyon, and a unique exploration of the "phantom ride" genre both in its early cinema and the latest digital incarnations.

Issue 2 is published with two different covers, each featuring a photograph by Park Chan-wook.

Paperack | 128 pages | 11" x 8.5"