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Matthew Forsythe (CA)

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I love Matthew Forsythe’s super lush illustrations and timeless storytelling. This book is the second in a series that features animals from Pokko’s band in Pokko and the Drum (Mina’s father is the xylophone player in Pokko!), but the books don’t need to be read in any particular order. Mina is filled with mysteries and ambiguities small and large, and it’s this sense of mystery that forms the book's very truth. Forsythe says it best, in an interview with Publishers Weekly: “…we all move through life not understanding things around us. Learning how to live is learning how to be at ease with that idea, that we don’t know, and that’s OK. We’re all always kind of floating in that uncertainty. There’s a magic and a mystery to understanding that.” - IT

From the creator of the acclaimed and beloved Pokko and the Drum comes an emotionally resonant picture book about trust, worry, and loyalty between a father and daughter.

Mina and her father live in a hollowed-out tree stump on the edge of a pond on the edge of a forest. Nothing ever bothers Mina, until one day, her father brings home a suspicious surprise from the woods.

Should Mina trust her father—or listen to her own instincts?

Hardcover | Ages 3-5 | 68 pages | 8.50" x 11.00"