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Internal Affairs Tense Anniversary


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Tense Anniversary is a three part OVA set in the Internal Affairs universe, celebrating the tenth anniversary of Internal Affairs. Soft-Boiled detective story with brand new characters, a Friday night AW celebration with Tom & Egg, and a reunion dinner with the “Gang” from IA3 that devolves into a John Woo action scene. Plus the book has some bonus extra art from Diigii Daguna and Jongheon Jung. Yeah, this book is a big celebration of Internal affairs, but it also looks really nice. There’s holo-foil stamping on the cover, and we used neon red pantone ink for the interiors and it looks wild irl.

Is this the start of a next generation of Internal Affairs? We don’t know. And what the hell is up with the publisher on the spine? We don’t know what the hell that is either.

Paperback | 104 pages | 2-colour | Published by Peow Studios