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Bug Boys

Laura Knetzger

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A delightfully whimsy collection of adventures that are equally silly and earnest. For anyone who wants a fun read that will also teach you about the complex nature of your community & what life's all about. I fell in love with this series last year and have made my best friends (in adulthood) read them all, too. If The Perfect Book could exist, I'd argue it'd be Bug Boys. -OP

Join two bug friends as they learn about the science of the world around them and the meaning of friendship in this early graphic novel series perfect for fans of Narwhal and Jelly!

Rhino-B is a brash, but sweet guy. Stag-B is a calm and scholarly adventurer. Together these two young beetles make up the Bug Boys, best friends who spend their time exploring the world of Bug Village and beyond, as well as their own -- sometimes confusing and complicated -- thoughts and feelings.

In their first adventure, the Bug Boys travel through spooky caves, work with a spider to found a library, save their town's popular honey supply from extinction, and even make friends with ferocious termites!

Join these two best bug buddies as they go above and beyond for each other and the friends they meet in their adventures.

Hardcover | Ages 7-10 | 272 pages | 5.75" x 8.25"