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Prokaryote Season

Leo Fox

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I finished this and wanted to immediately read it again, then didn't because I was head in my hands reflecting about my identity and relationships. Still I won't shut up about this book and I have made three people buy it as of the time I am writing this. The art is absolutely stunning, the characters are bad, and the story is great. The best thing I have read in 2023. -CP

"A single-celled organism doesn't toil. It doesn't stare at the ceiling and cry. It doesn't have ill-fitting clothes. It doesn't do anything, that's the whole point. It just is."

Sydney and Laurelie are best friends searching for the contentment of oblivion. Failing that, they'd like to be adored. Laurelie, by their caustic boyfriend Trip, and Sydney by Laurelie. On a typical night partying in the woods, Sydney grows frustrated with their unrequited obsession for Laurelie, and asks for a wish to be granted by the curious cosmic creature Starman. Not only will Laurelie love Sydney, but Laurelie will be dependent on them — will need to be saved by them. When the wish becomes deadly serious, Sydney and Trip will be forced to figure out how to save Laurelie for real, or risk losing the person most important to them both.

A beautifully illustrated graphic novel about sickness, ennui, romance, and finding meaning in one's own self.

Paperback |168 pages | 7" x 9.5"