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My Dog and I

Luca Tortolini

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Sure to get the kids laughing, in this book dogs aren’t quite dogs. Nor are cats quite cats. -JC

My Dog and I is a delightfully imaginative picture book about a little girl who’s always wanted a dog, showing us that love knows no bounds, from award-winning creators, author Luca Tortolini and illustrator Felicita Sala.
Out for a walk one day, a girl stumbles upon a lost “dog.” Having always wanted a dog of her own, she brings the “little” creature home and takes care of it in secret, hiding it from her parents. Proud of her new “dog,” she plays with it, feeds it, and even takes it around town—much to the chagrin of the townspeople and other kids who have been mean to her in the past.

But one day, when her “little” friend gets the urge to chase something and ends up wandering off, she finds herself with too much sadness to bear. Will she ever find her “dog” again?

Hardcover | Ages 4-8 | 48 pages | 9.85" x 11.50"