Ellie in First Position

Brian Freschi

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Can a sport klutz reach her dream and dance? A charming and hilarious, slice of life, middle grade graphic novel about ten year old Electra who refuses to give up her dream to take ballet.

After moving, Ellie feels lonely in her new class. Mom has a solution, the girl needs to join the school’s sports team to make friends. There is only one problem, no matter what sport she tries Electra makes an utter fool of herself. In the middle of her misery, enchanted by her cousin’s ballet performance, Ellie suddenly knows what she wants more than anything, dancing. If only mom could agree.

A page turner, full of relatable conflicts, Ellie in First Position is a humorous, positive and heartwarming story about resilience, self-love, new experiences, and friendship. By the end of the book, Ellie doesn’t only learn to accept herself and her family, makes new friends and even has her first crush, but manages to deal with her bullies too.

Paperback | Ages 6-11 | 176 pages | 5.50" x 8.50"