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Ann Quin

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Ann Quin’s road novel! Feminist, experimental, illustrated, this won an infamous literary prize for ‘the best writing under the influence’, the drug in question being a 70s version of birth control. Quin’s mostly interested here in taking the piss out of hyper-sentimental male Beat poets. She keeps the laughs coming. Some believe this to be the greatest novel ever written, (my hand’s up). -JC

First published in 1972, Ann Quin’s fourth and final novel was a radical break from the introspective style she had developed in
Three and Passages: a declaration of independence from all expectations.

Brashly experimental, ribald, and hilarious, Tripticks maps new territories for the novel—aspiring to a form of pop art via the drawings of the artist Carol Annand and anticipating the genre-busting work of Kathy Acker through collage and gory satire.

Splattering its pages with the story of a man being chased across a nightmarish America by his “first X-wife,” and her “schoolboy gigolo,” Tripticks was ground zero for the collision of punk energy with high style.

Paperback | 192 pages | 5.10" x 7.80"