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Animals Brag About Their Bottoms

Maki Saito

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 A perfect baby gift, this charming and funny board book features animals from around the world, each one celebrating their uniquely shaped bum.

All bottoms are wonderful! Don’t you agree? Each animal has a different reason for loving their behind—from cute and round to fashionable and striped!

Now available as a board book, this celebration of self love and body positivity will have the tiniest of readers (and their parents) laughing out loud at the backsides of hippos, zebras, pandas, and more or our favorite animals. Illustrator Maki Saito’s traditional Japanese art techniques add a sophisticated, beautiful feel to a book about animal butts. Everyone’s proud of their bottoms!

Boardbook | Ages 0-2 | 28 pages | 5.50" x 6.75"