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Making Space for Indigenous Feminism, 3rd Edition

Gina Starblanket (CA)

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This book bridges generations of powerful Indigenous feminist thinking to demonstrate the movement’s cruciality for today. 

Indigenous feminists in the first edition fought for feminism to be considered a valid and essential intellectual and activist position. The second edition animated Indigenous feminisms through real-world applications. This third edition, curated by award-winning scholar Gina Starblanket, reflects and celebrates Indigenous feminism’s intergenerational longevity through the changing landscape of anti-colonial struggle and theory. Diverse contributors examine Indigenous feminism’s ongoing relevance to contemporary contexts and debates, including queer and Two-Spirit approaches to decolonization, gendered and sexualized violence, storytelling and narrative, land-based presence, Black and Indigenous relationalities and more. Feminism has much to offer Indigenous women, and all Indigenous Peoples, in their struggles against oppression.

Paperback | 320 pages | 6.00" x 9.00"