City of Neighbors

Andrea Curtis (CA)

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A splash of paint, a place to sit, a popup park or playground bring life and a sense of fun to our cities.

Neighbourhoods where people look out for each other, eat together, make art and build community are healthier, happier, greener and cleaner. Journey around the world to discover how people have been dreaming up new ways to ensure their cities and neighbourhoods are creative, inclusive and environmentally sustainable.

These placemaking ideas can be big — like the skateboard park built on the grounds of an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya — or small — like the painted rock snake that winds along a beach in Toronto, Ontario. Together, we can create public spaces where everyone belongs. Includes a list of ideas for children to get involved in their neighbourhoods, along with a glossary and sources for further reading. 

The ThinkCities series is inspired by the urgency for new approaches to city life as a result of climate change, population growth and increased density. It highlights the challenges and risks cities face, but also offers hope for building resilience, sustainability and quality of life as young people advocate for themselves and their communities.

Hardcover | Ages 6-12 | 40 pages | 8.75" x 10.62"