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Coco and the Caterpillars

Geraldo Valério (CA)

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A boy loves his garden, and everything in it, especially all the tiny insects. But … his pet chicken Coco loves them too!

When a boy finds a clutch of butterfly eggs in his garden, he can’t stop thinking about the beautiful butterflies they will become. He keeps the eggs a secret from Coco, who finds all the insects in the garden yummy! The boy watches as the eggs hatch, and brightly striped caterpillars appear, growing bigger and juicier every day. But one day, when his back is turned, Coco gobbles up the caterpillars and falls ill. The boy is torn between worry for Coco and sorrow that the caterpillars have been eaten. But then he makes a wonderful discovery — his dream of butterflies in the garden just might come true after all.

Artist Geraldo Valério brings us a charming story inspired by his childhood passion for the butterflies in his family’s garden.

Hardcover | Ages 3-6 | 40 pages | 8.50" x 11.00"