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So Long Sad Love

Mirion Malle

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No matter how wrong relationships can be, there’s nothing quite like getting them right.

Every guy’s been a creep at one point or another. That’s just the way it is. Or at least, that’s what Cleo tells herself once she finds out her boyfriend might not be the man she thought he was. Is it possible to keep loving someone you’re not sure you can trust? More to the point, should you? Once the fabric of Cleo’s relationship rips at the seams, the life she had built with him—abroad and away from those closest to her—unravels right before her eyes. Yet, letting it fall to pieces as she walks away is only half the story.

So Long Sad Love swaps out the wobbly transition of weaving a new existence into being post-heartbreak for the surprising effortlessness and simplicity of a life already rebuilt. Cleo not only rediscovers her identity as an artist but uncovers her capacity to find love where she has always been most at home: with other women.

Mirion Malle dares to tell a story with a happier ending in a stunning, full-colour follow-up to the multi-award nominated This is How I Disappear. Translated by Governor General Literary Award nominee Aleshia Jensen, So Long Sad Love unabashedly skips to the good part and shines a light on just how rewarding following your bliss can be.

Paperback | 212 pages | 6.81" x 8.25"