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While You're Asleep

Emmy Kastner

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In the spirit of The Panda Problem, this “funny, raucous, and ultimately satisfying” (Mac Barnett, New York Times bestselling author) meta picture book shows what both diurnal and nocturnal animals get up to while you’re asleep.

When the Earth slowly spins and light fades away, animals hunker down for bedtime. But the narrator’s cozy story is interrupted by fireflies flickering, raccoons enjoying chicken dinners, and foxes planning a nighttime festival. The narrator eventually gives up trying to get the nocturnal creatures to go to sleep like everyone else as skunks, beavers, and more gather for a midnight soiree you’d have to see to believe…if you weren’t asleep!

Hardcover | Ages 4-8 | 48 pages | 11.50" x 8.00"