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Tangled Up in Mayhem

Merrill Wyatt

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Sloane and Amelia’s investigation at an amusement park quickly turns ominous when they come up against a cohort of villains determined to stop them in this third book in the Tangled Mysteries middle grade series perfect for fans of The Book Scavenger and Lemons.

Sloane and Amelia’s amateur detective agency has landed their first paid gig! After seeing their YouTube documentary series, eccentric millionaire Covington Cooley hires them to solve a mystery: the secret location of a time capsule buried in 1865 somewhere on the grounds of Cedar Point Amusement Park. Cooley is sure that the box holds documents proving that his ancestor is the rightful owner of the land, a fact which, if proven, would turn him from a millionaire to a billionaire overnight.

But there are plenty of parties who are interested in stopping Sloane and Amelia from finding the capsule, like the park manager who wants to protect Cedar Point, Sloane and Amelia’s schoolmate bent on destroying their reputation, and the ghostly specter that’s been caught on camera tampering with documents and equipment related to the time capsule search!

Sloane and Amelia are determined to find out what’s going on no matter what, even if it means fighting off the possessed, undead clowns Amelia is certain roam all carnival parks.

Hardcover | Ages 8-12 | 256 pages | 5.50" x 8.25"