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Pepper and Me

Beatrice Alemagna

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I confess! I pick my scabs! I'm also scared of change, find comfort in ascribing feeling to the inanimate, and forget that other people feel much of the same insecurity I do. The narrator of this extremely charming and beautifully illustrated book is unnamed because they are the uncomfortable, skinned-knee, little kid in all of us. Bonus points for looking even sweeter sans dust jacket! -CC

From three-time NYT Best Illustrated creator of On a Magical Do-Nothing Day comes a stunning picture book about a little girl, the scab on her knee, and the healing they do together.

In this utterly enchanting and unexpected tale from international picture book star Beatrice Alemagna, a childhood mishap is the occasion for growth and self-reflection. When a little girl falls on the street, scraping her knee, her father tells her not to worry, that "a beautiful scab will form." But she does worry! The scab is not beautiful and it's keeping her from bending her knee! When will it ever go away? By the time the scab—who she has named Pepper—falls off, something astonishing has happened: the girl has come to feel affection for the scab and has a hard time letting go. With an unerring understanding of a child’s emotional life and a dash of absurdist wit, this picture book will stand with classics from creators like Tomi Ungerer and William Steig, who explore the weird, funny essence of childhood.

Hardcover | Ages 4-8 | 48 pages | 8.38" x 11.25"