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Night of the Living Cat Vol. 1


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A straightforward zombie survival story, except instead of running from human zombies who turn humans into zombies, it's running from cute cats who turn humans into cute cats. -MA

A new horror/comedy about adorable threats in a post-apocalyptic world!

A virus spreads across the world, transforming all humankind into wild, slavering, furry beasts: cats, to be precise. Those few survivors who remain human take refuge in the dark corners of the earth as they fight back against the feline horde. Kunagi, a man with no memory of his past yet a deep knowledge of cats, struggles to hold on with only his wits and a will to survive. Yet the virus transmits merely through cuddles, and Kunagi finds kitties so hard to resist! Is his willpower strong enough to withstand this hair-raising cat-tastrophe?

Paperback | 184 pages | 5.04" x 7.13"