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Bed! Bed! Bed!

Douglas Florian

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Lead kids through their wind-down routine as they get ready for Bed! Bed! Bed!, the latest board book in the popular series for toddlers!

Sweet dreams fill your head! head! head!
In your cozy bed! bed! bed!

Bright smiles and enthusiastic kids share their wind-down routines in this lyrical, dreamy read-aloud. Tired kiddos put away toys, wash up in the tub, brush their teeth, cuddle with stuffed animals, sing lullabies, and get tucked in tight for a good night's sleep.

The perfect companion to Brush! Brush! Brush!, Bath! Bath! Bath!, and Play! Play! Play! for any family looking to find a great bedtime routine.

Boardbook | Ages 0-3 | 18 pages | 7.00" x 7.00"