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Weird and Wonderful Nature

Ben Hoare

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Enjoy more than 100 extraordinary stories of unusual species, behaviors, and objects all told by author Ben Hoare.

Why do Mexican jumping beans jump? How do sea cucumbers defend themselves? What causes the northern lights? This book is filled with facts about the most surprising and curious plants, animals, rocks, and phenomena in nature.

Children can read stories of more than one hundred unique animals, plants and phenomena and learn about the weird and wonderful side of the natural world. Weird and Wonderful Nature is the third installment of the DK Treasure’s series, exploring the many bizarre animals and plants that are uniquely adapted to their way of life.

This fascinating nature book for kids offers:  

- Facts from a range of topics, from animals to plants and rocks to natural phenomena, that are guaranteed to wow adults and children alike.
- Large photographs that show each species or item in incredible detail, with diagrams help to support understanding.
- A gold foil cover and beautiful illustrations, making this book an ideal gift for young nature lovers.

In Weird and Wonderful Nature, Ben Hoare’s friendly, informative explanations are paired with photographs and charming illustrations to make sure every page captivates the imagination, while a glossary and index help to navigate the chapters.

Hardcover | Ages 7-11 | 192 pages | 9.31" x 11.31"