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Tiffy Cooks

Tiffy Chen (CA)

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Tiffy Chen's titular blog single-handedly got me through university without selling my soul to delivery services or contracting scurvy. Her Taiwanese home-cooking and street-food inspired recipes are easy to follow, limited ingredient, and extremely delicious. Curating a diverse set of dishes with a reasonable understanding of the average person's "pantry staples", Tiffy has knocked it out of the park putting her well-deserved online success into print. I'm making "stinky" tofu (pg. 120) tonight, wish me luck! -CC

Tiffy Chen, wildly popular blogger and TikTok sensation behind Tiffy Cooks, shares 88 of her favourite everyday, family-style recipes from across Asia.

Tiffy Chen started blogging about food and recipes after learning how to cook from her mother and grandmother. In her debut cookbook, Tiffy shares memories and recipes shaped by growing up in Taiwan—a country with a rich culture, diverse cuisines, and some of the best street food in the world—along with beloved family recipes and unique dishes inspired by her travels across Southeast Asia.

With 88 (a very lucky number in Chinese culture) flavour-packed recipes, Tiffy offers her favourite quick-and-easy everyday dishes, like a classic Taiwanese Breakfast Sandwich and her grandmother’s Sesame Chicken Rice. Also included are family-style dishes to pass around and enjoy, from Drunken Chicken and Braised Five-Spice Beef to Garlic and Scallion Lobster and Braised Sticky Pork Belly. You'll find favourites like bao, buns, wontons, and dumplings that are great to make in bulk—all freezer-friendly to help you save time and have them on hand for when the mood strikes!

With gorgeous step-by-step photography and heartwarming stories about traveling in Asia and finding the best street food in Taiwan, Tiffy Cooks celebrates Asian food and family in this must-make collection of go-to recipes.

Hardcover | 272 pages | 8.27" x 10.28"