The Book of Sandwiches

Jason Skrobar

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Calling all sandwich lovers! Take a bite out of this drool-worthy cookbook and satisfy your every sandwich craving.

Who doesn’t love sandwiches? And who wouldn’t love this mouthwatering cookbook of 85+ recipes for sandwiches of all kinds?

Chances are you have a favorite sandwich, or maybe two, or six, or ten! We can all agree that sandwiches are fun; they’re delicious, they’re comforting, and they’re as easy to make as it comes. In short, sandwiches are a damn good thing.  

In The Book of Sandwiches, you’ll find sandwich recipes for every day of the week and every week of the year. Sandwiches for comfort food cravings, for quick meals to grab and go, even for high-impact (low-key) ways to impress your friends. (Make someone a great sandwich and you’ve got a friend for life!) Inside are sandwiches for late nights when the hunger hits, and for the next morning when your energy is low . . . Try the very best new versions of well-known sandwiches, plus tons of truly inventive ideas for sandwiches you’ve never thought of before.

Page after page, this book’s mouthwatering photography unveils the potential of everyone’s favorite food, with recipes you’ll be running into the kitchen to try. This really is the book of sandwiches.

Hardcover | 264 pages | 7.75" x 10.28"