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Kate Young

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A fresh, sexy romantic comedy about a newly-out lesbian finding herself, finding her people and finding her partner—in that order.

Bette is in love for the first time in her life. When she turned 30, she realized she likes women and fell for Mei. Finally, everything makes sense. Until, out of the blue, Mei suggests they take a break so that Bette can go and do all the exploring she missed out on in her twenties—for her to plunge into the queer dating scene and return to Mei clearer about her desires, her preferences and her choice to be with Mei and Mei alone.

So, reluctantly, Bette is set on a mission: Date lots of hot women and have lots of hot casual sex, so she can come back to Mei and what she really wants. Put that way, maybe it doesn't sound so bad?

Bette's dating odyssey takes her to unexpected places, some cringingly disastrous, some heady and thrilling. Between dates, she learns to lean on her community and shake off the awkwardness of coming into self-understanding in her thirties. Not least, it turns out that love is waiting where she doesn't even expect to find it.

Paperback | 384 pages | 4.99" x 7.70"