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Hip-Hop Is History


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This is the book only Questlove could write: a singular history of fifty years of this global phenomenon.

Over the last year, hip-hop has been celebrating its monumental half-century anniversary: fifty years. Initially written off as a fad by the mainstream, hip-hop has proven to have staying power and lasting influence, redefining nearly every cultural sector, from fashion to film to TV. In this landmark book, Questlove, the Grammy and Oscar winner and New York Times bestselling multi-hyphenate cultural icon, skillfully traces the convergence of creative and cultural forces that shaped hip-hop since its inception, and how the genre has evolved up to the present moment.

Questlove began his journey in hip-hop as a fan. A superfan, in fact. He has an encyclopedic understanding of the genre and of the shifts and redirections that altered its trajectory. He is part of that trajectory, as the drummer and cofounder of the Roots. Hip-hop is history and also his history. In this book, Questlove proposes a theory of evolution, arguing that every five years, something at or near the center of the genre changes. Sometimes it's lyrical perspective. Sometimes it's location. Sometimes it's technology. To illustrate his theory, Questlove selects songs and artists that exemplify these changes.

Hip-Hop Is History is a book only Questlove could have written, and it showcases his comprehensive knowledge of and unparalleled access to the inner workings of the past fifty years of this global phenomenon.

Hardcover | 352 pages | 6.00" x 9.00"