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Waiting for Tomorrow

Susan Yoon (CA)

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A debut picture book for fans of I Dream of Popo, Between Us and Abuela, Watercress, and Fry Bread.

Appa is coming home tomorrow after a long time away, and sisters Haejin and Hanna want to make something very special to greet his return. They spend the day preparing their favorite treat—hotteok, a brown-sugar-filled Korean pancake. But when their batter is ruined, how will they make something special for tomorrow?

Julie Kwon’s illustrations are full of sweetness with a dash of eye-winking mischief, perfectly illuminating Haejin and Hanna’s everyday adventure. From warm hugs to sticky fingers, Waiting for Tomorrow is debut author Susan Yoon’s ode to the ordinary days that nourish the most special thing of all—family.

Hardcover | Ages 4-8 | 40 pages | 8.50" x 11.00"