The Cool Code 2.0: The Switch Glitch

Deirdre Langeland

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For fans of Raina Telgemeier and Kayla Miller comes the second graphic novel in the funny slice-of-life Cool Code series.

Morgan, Zoey, and Daniel discover that the popularity AI they've coded is being used to wreak mischief and destroy friendships in their school. It's up to them to fix the glitch!

When the coding club finds that their app has a malicious user, Morgan, Zoey, and Daniel code an update to contend with a mischievous AI llama that’s guiding a not-so-popular kid named Marcus to cause chaos in the school.

Annoying little siblings, chaotic pranks, and more abound as they race to repair the glitchy app—and their own friendships—in their school before the damage is irreversible.

Paperback | Ages 8-12 | 224 pages | 5.50" x 8.00"