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I Hear You're Rich

Diane Williams

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Diane Williams writes stories that are each about 3 pages long. And yet there might be 3 times on every page that she manages to surprise you — surprise you like a Mack Truck. The thematic swerves and turns of phrase in I HEAR YOU’RE RICH, which is among the best collections she’s ever written, are such that when you’re asked by your host if you have any dietary restrictions you might answer that Diane Williams is a genius after all. -KB

Diane Williams, “godmother of flash fiction” (The Paris Review), returns with 33 short, brilliant stories.

In Williams’ stories, life is newly alive and dangerous; whether she is writing about an affair, a request for money, an afternoon in a garden, or the simple act of carrying a cake from one room to the next, she offers us beautiful and unsettling new ways of seeing everyday life. In perfectly honed sentences, with a sly and occasionally wild wit, Williams shows us how any moment of any day can open onto disappointment, pleasure, and possibility.

Hardcover | 128 pages | 5.35" x 8.79"