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The Wall

Marlen Haushofer

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I often dream of solitude. Not the kind you get in the city, the kind afforded to people who own cottages and have money: that kind of solitude. It's not realistic! The land ain't even ours. Marlen Haushofer also dreamed of solitude, one afforded to women so they wouldn't be called hysterical for not wanting the life they were told they were supposed to live. The circumstances are mildly horrific but there is so much love in it, to just be alone in nature caring for your animals. To simply get to live unburdened. Ain't that something nice to have?  -CP

Allegorical yet deeply personal and absorbing, The Wall is at once a critique of modern civilization, a nuanced and loving portrait of a relationship between a woman and her animals, a thrilling survival story, a Cold War-era dystopian adventure, and a truly singular feminist classic.

Paperback | 248 pages | 5.20" x 8.00"