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TYPE Books Baggu Book Bag!


Regular price $28.00

Limited edition BAGGU book bags, designed by Toronto artist Micah Lexier

A note from the artist:

I had a lot of fun working on this design.  A double-sided bag was the perfect vehicle: each side stands alone as a complete graphic, but there is a nice play between the two sides – the small crescent shape that appears on one side of the bag fits perfectly into the concave area of the shape on the other side. Also, a double-sided bag allowed me to reverse the placement of the two words the constitute the bookstore’s name – what appears inside the shape on one side moves to the outer-area on the other side and vice-versa. And I’m a sucker for a varied edition, so I love how the graphic changes when it is printed on each of the six different-coloured bags. I know these are all nerdy explanations, but what do you expect when you ask a conceptual artist to design your tote bag?