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Good Soup

Joris Bijdendijk

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Before Chef Joris Bijdendijk cooked together three Michelin stars and Samuel Levie became a prolific sausage maker, soup was a regular guest in many memories. Good Soup pays tribute to the phenomenon that is soup in 52 recipes from all over the world.

Whether your soup is a meal in itself or a light starter, it is always comforting. For chefs Joris Bijdendijk and Samuel Levie, soup is the regular guest in many memories: a comforting bowl of broth when they were ill, steaming cups or cold gazpacho when there was something to celebrate, or a hot mug of soup after skating. Or that first time they made their own fish stock as young chefs…

An ode to soup in all its forms, this vibrant cookbook features weekly recipes for comfort all year round, including thai coconut soup, mushroom cream soup, gazpacho, and goulash. Not a week can go by without a delicious bowl.

In recent years, their shared love of soup has taken on outrageous proportions. In addition to this colorful soup book, they were involved in a huge Freedom Meal, consisting of ten thousand servings of pumpkin soup, and launched their own tinned soup, SNERT, and three other canned soups.

Hardcover | 160 pages | 7.47" x 8.85"