The Lives of Lemurs

Andrea Antinori

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Award-winning writer and illustrator Andrea Antinori takes us on a whimsical journey that marries fiction and fact as he explores the history, habits, and habitats of lemurs, one of the funniest (and most fun to draw) animals on the planet.

Have you ever heard a lemur sing? Did you know that in the morning lemurs sunbathe while doing yoga and worshiping the sun? And some can even levitate. In this whimsical, fictional take on lemurs, which incorporates many true facts, award-winning writer and illustrator Andrea Antinori amusingly chronicles the history, habits, and quirks of one of the most unusual animals on the planet. The lemurs’ story begins fifty million years ago, when they left Africa on the back of a sperm whale and landed in Madagascar (maybe)…and the rest is an unnatural history. Comprehensive educational backmatter presents amazing (and true) facts about these incredible and seriously endangered animals.

Hardcover || 56 pages || Ages 4-8 || 7.35" x 10.00