The Artist's Manual

Rob Pepper

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For artists of all skill levels and in all media, a truly comprehensive bible of the knowledge they need to enjoy and further their craft.

The one-stop handbook of everything you need to know to get the most out of your passion for art

If you're interested in creating any kind of art, this book has everything you need to become a more confident, creative artist--whatever your level of skill or experience. It's like having your very own studio assistant, providing the support you need to find the artist within you.

Designed specifically for modern artists who like to take inspiration from and make connections between different art traditions and techniques, The Artist's Manual covers a huge range of methods, including traditional drawing and painting; ceramics, sculpture, and printmaking; and newer areas such as digital art and animation. Discover the tools, practices, and processes that will help unleash your creativity, from first principles to professional tips and tricks.

Brush up on basic know-how such as choosing the right tool, mixing watercolors, preparing a canvas, or mastering image-manipulation software. Learn how to glaze a pot, screenprint in halftones, or use perspective to bring drawings to life. Or try something completely new: mosaic, fresco, linocut, digital collage, and much more. All the equipment, materials, and methods of the craft are fully explained and beautifully illustrated--everything you need to enjoy your art to the fullest and take your creativity to the next level.

Hardcover || 312 pages || 7.68" x 9.18"