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TBR: TYPE Books Recommends

Edition: Fall 2022 Picture Books  || Flavour: Clever + Quirky

Are you in a reading rut? Do you want to try something different and new, but you're not sure how or where to begin? Do you wish that someone would just hand you a box filled with solutions to all your problems?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you need a dose of ⓉⒷⓇ!

What is ⓉⒷⓇ?

TBR (TYPE Books Recommends) is an extension of our wildly popular MYSTERY BOX service, and features a selection of four newly-published picture books read and recommended by trustworthy TYPE booksellers with impeccable taste


 - Bright colours and silly, bungling characters

- Tongue-in-cheek stories offering unique and hilarious perspectives, tackling emotions big and small, and exploring everyday situations and habits with humour and warmth

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Carefully open the sealed box, breathe in that new book smell, prepare to be inspired, challenged, and entertained