Sisters of the Mist

Marlyn Spaaij

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Join Kyra and her sisters as they fight the mysterious forces of the forest, and the challenges of drifting apart with age, perfect for transitional readers aging out of the Hilda Graphic Novel series.

Frygea Forest... An ancient and mystical place where trolls lurk in the mossy spaces between tree trunks and changelings scamper about, causing mischief. A place that Kyra and her sisters Margot and Janna return to every year to spend the summer at their grandma’s farm: roasting marshmallows, catching frogs and befriending tiny, grumpy root goblins.

But this summer is different, and as teenage Margot drifts apart from her sisters, slamming doors and keeping secrets, Kyra starts to worry. When Margot is enticed into the woods by the mysterious figures in the mist, Kyra resolves to do everything in her power to save her sister from danger, even if that means facing the spooky forces within Frygea Forest with just her kid sister for help.

In this lively coming-of-age graphic novel, you’ll never have to let go of the imagination that keeps you young. And if you’re careful, and ever so quiet, you might spot a root goblin marching along the ground, or a glittering alf darting amongst the leaves...

Ages 8-12

Paperback || 136 pages || 6.30" x 8.90"