Room On Top

Bruno Hächler

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All aboard for a rollicking ride!

Little anteater loves riding on his mama’s back—it’s the very best place to be. But sometimes the little anteater feels lonely. When he asks Badger, Duck, and Hare to join him—the new friends eagerly accept and are happy to have a fresh vantage point from atop mama anteater’s back—How bright! How roomy! How stylish! Soon everyone wants to join in the fun. It seems the little anteater can’t stop making new friends. When Squirrel, Frog and family, Snail, Fox, Woodpecker, Mole, and Dormouse jump on—things start to get wobbly. And here comes a long legged heron. Will they all fit on Mama’s back? 

Bruno Hächler’s ticklish tale presents a vivid panorama of the animal kingdom. Laura D’Arcangelo’s humorous illustrations take the animal antics to new heights! 

Hardcover || 32 pages || Ages 4-8 || 8.40" x 11.00"