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Juan Cardenas

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Translated from the Spanish by Lizzie Davis

I couldn't say it better than Brian Evenson, who writes how Cardenas, in Lizzie Davis's excellent translation, “understands the great possibilities available to literary minimalism. A stunning novel about the entitlement of both the pharmaceutical industry and the art world, but also about desire, addiction, excess, and a security team made of spider monkeys. Perhaps the most damning fictional portrait of late capitalism I have ever read.” -CF

A scientist recruits volunteers for the trial of a new recreational drug that exclusively affects women. Among them is “number 4,” who becomes emotionally involved with first the scientist, then his wife, a well-known visual artist in the midst of a creative crisis. The scientist is oblivious to the atrocities his new drug will bring to the city; his wife is oblivious to the superfluousness of the objects she committed her life to exhibiting in galleries and museums. Number4’s presence pierces the couple’s complacency, gradually undoing the many certainties they’ve accumulated in their lives of ease.

Paperback || 144 pages || 5.00" x 7.75" || Coffee House Press