Brighter Futures: 1000-Piece Puzzle

Kenita-Lee McCartney

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Brighter Futures: 1000-Piece Puzzle is a stunning adult jigsaw puzzle of modern Australian First Nations art, representing the brighter days the ancestors dreamed of.
Artist and founder of Matakupaat Arts, Kenita-Lee McCartney says, "The future of our First Nations are brighter than ever before, with our ancestors guiding the storyline. Language is no longer sleeping, traditions are thriving, and our people are stronger with connection to country, air, sea, rivers and animals. This is our Dreaming."

This is a more challenging puzzle for adults that will take between three and ten hours to create. But the results will be well worth the effort, creating something worth framing for your wall, or to dismantle and create all over again.

Puzzle measurements are 19.3 x 27 inch.