Kurt Cobain: The Last Interview


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I haven't listened to a Kurt interview in a very long time, but from his first response all the way through the book, I could hear his voice answering the questions as I read along with him. It was pretty special. - AH

Kurt Cobain burst into American consciousness with a vengeance with the release of Nevermind, an instant classic that defined a sound and a generation. Three years later, he was dead of suicide, leaving a meteoric career and a cultural influence that would never wane.

As the lead singer and guitarist of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain changed American music as few musicians ever have. His instantly identifiable raspy croon, his slash-and-burn guitar playing, and his corrosive and poetic lyrics made him a hero to a generation of lost souls. In interviews Cobain was funny, thoughtful, sarcastic, impassioned, and even kind. This collection of interviews provides a look at a man who was too often misunderstood.

Paperback || 176 pages || 5.46" x 8.23"