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Into the Kelp Forest

Cora Reef

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Simon tries to catch the mysterious Kelp Monster in this fifth book in The Not-So-Tiny Tales of Simon Seahorse chapter book series.

Simon’s friends are talking about the mysterious Kelp Monster at school one day and, for once, Simon doesn’t have anything to add to the story! That’s because he’s never even heard of the Kelp Monster. But from what his friends say, it’s bigger than a whale shark and its teeth are sharper than red-bellied piranha! And it lives in the Kelp Forest, where all the fish are scared of it. After all this talk, Simon decides he has a mission: to catch the kelp monster and find out why it’s spooking the other sea creatures! But Simon’s in for a big surprise about this so-called monster!

Ages 5-9

Paperback || 128 pages || 5.50" x 7.31"