Francie's Got a Gun

Carrie Snyder (CA)

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A suspenseful and poignant tale from an award-winning writer about a girl navigating chaotic family life in a close-knit small town.

This story starts with Francie: a panicked girl holding a gun and desperately looking for a place to hide. From this gripping opening scene, each chapter swoops us into the life of a separate character who has interacted with Francie—until gradually a full and startling picture comes into view. As if walking through a labyrinth towards the heart of the matter, we slowly but surely piece together what has brought Francie to her breaking point, uncovering the complicity of an entire community in what happens to one child.
In Francie’s Got a Gun, award-winning writer Carrie Snyder assembles a cast of unforgettable, tragi-comic characters who are equal parts well-intentioned and fatally flawed, compassionate and blind. Here is a beautifully constructed, multi-layered, propulsive novel that is also deeply humane—and a memorable, affecting examination of complex dynamics that, once set in motion, irrevocably seal the fate of a child, a family and a close-knit community.

Hardcover || 256 pages || 5.18" x 8.00"