Crabapple Trouble

Kaeti Vandorn

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The illustrations in this new graphic novel have some serious Adventure Time vibes. It is about a young girl, who happens to also be an apple, and who literally loses her apple head with worry. She befriends a very chill Fairy who helps her identify and navigate negative thought patterns and ground herself in the present. Yes, this is basically a CBT primer for kiddos. But with adorable fruit people! - KP

Callaway just wants to do a good job--but her worries are getting in the way! A fun adventure filled with an adorable cast of fruits and vegetables, this young chapter-book graphic novel is perfect for fans of Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea.

Callaway, with her apple head and huge heart, likes to help others, grow crabapples, and spend time with her friends--but things suddenly go sideways when the town decides to hold a festival and all her friends want to enter the harvest contest! Afraid that nothing she has will be good enough, Callaway finds a friend to talk to in a fairy named Thistle.

Join Callaway and Thistle as they prepare for the festival and help their friends--and each other--along the way. A delightfully genuine story about problem-solving, having confidence in yourself, and learning that it's okay to ask for help when you need it.