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Chirri & Chirra, The Rainy Day

Kaya Doi

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Dring-dring, dring-dring! As the distinctive sound of their bicycle bells chimes in with the patter of rain, Chirri & Chirra set off on a new whimsical adventure!

In this seventh installment of the beloved series, the twins serendipitously happen upon a cafe that is only open on rainy days. In their matching raincoats, they peacefully sip tea with a side of sweet rock candy as they watch the droplets fall, before concluding the day with a beautiful rainbow and the company of their animal friends. Kaya Doi’s illustrations, rendered in glowing colored pencil, are warm and inviting, ushering her readers into pages that feel like a haven from the rain outside.

Hardcover | Ages 3-8 | 40 pages | 9.25" x 6.50"