Be Period Positive

Chella Quint

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Navigate the highs and lows of menstruation with confidence

Feel your best at any time of the month! This science-backed menstruation book is full of good advice and friendly tips to give you the tools to reframe your thinking and learn to love your cycle.

Be period positive! Inside the pages of this modern-day menstruation guide, you’ll discover: 

   • A practical, science-backed guide to your period with infographics and anatomical diagrams.
   • Answers to all your period-related questions, exploring topics like the functions and effects of hormones, when periods are “normal” or  “abnormal,” hormonal birth control, sex, fertility and pregnancy.
   • Explanations of common female health conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis.

Light or heavy, early or late, painful or painfully bad timing – periods can be a nightmare. With its beautiful visuals and question-and-answer format, Be Period Positive provides practical advice on managing the common symptoms most women have during their period — from easing cramps to using a menstrual cup, coming off the pill and managing PMS. Find answers to the common period myths like whether your menstrual cycle is linked to the moon, or if period synchronization is a thing.  

Explore how periods evolved and what is going on in your body to deepen your understanding of your cycle. This period positive book includes sections that will help you “hack your period.” Learn how adapting your diet, exercise and other strategies can help you manage hormonal fluctuations’ physical and emotional effects. Learn how to recognize when you’re at your most receptive, creative and vulnerable so that you can get the best out of every stage of your cycle.

Paperback || 160 pages || 6.68" x 8.56"