Bartholomew and the Morning Monsters

Sophie Berger

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Mornings are never easy - especially when the monsters from last night’s dreams want to stay and play!


Bartholomew struggles to get himself ready as the monsters from last night’s dreams sabotage the most simple of morning routines. A vast purple monster sits on his chest, making it hard to get up. A slug monster slimes his clothes, so he can’t get dressed. Brushing teeth, eating breakfast, and even going to the toilet all present challenges as the monsters mess around at Bartholomew’s expense. Will Bartholomew’s dad ever manage to get him out the door?

Hilarious illustrations bring Bartholomew’s frustration and befuddlement alive in this deceptively simple story that anyone who is not a morning person is bound to relate to.

Hardcover || 28 pages || 8.66" x 10.63"