Abuelita and Me

Leonarda Carranza (CA)

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For fans of LAST STOP ON MARKET STREET, or for any child growing up in a multigenerational home, this gorgeous book is a must-have.

Leonarda wrote this story based on her experiences growing up in Toronto with her grandmother, an immigrant from Central America. In it, a girl and her beloved abuelita lean on each other as they contend with racism while running errands in the city. Abuelita and Me captures moments of everyday hostility, ableism, and the countless microagressions that children and their grandparents often encounter. 

Their experience with a crusty bus driver hit me right where it hurts, reminding me of how just one strange look or harsh word directed at my caregivers would gnaw at my little kid heart for days. A picture book hasn't made me this emotional since Vera B. Williams' A Chair for my Mother!

Somehow though, the vibrant colours, warm tones and expressive illustrations offer a comforting depiction of these difficult feelings; the author's honest storytelling - free of judgement and full of questions - is the gentle squeeze that reminds you of the strength that's shared when you face the world and keep going, together. 👵🏾✊🏽 - KP

Hardcover || 32 pages || Ages 4-7 || 9.00" x 11.25"