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Happy Indoor Garden

Miranda Janatka

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A Happy Plant Makes for a Happy Home; Find the Right Plant for Each Room

Indoor plants have never been so important as we realize the power of their presence in making us feel calmer, more connected to nature, and nurturing.

But dying plants around the house are negatives you could do without, and this unique guide from an indoor plant expert explains what plants you should keep in each room, and where. It contains easy to understand but scientifically accurate information on what in a room affects plants (light, humidity, temperature), what typically makes each room different, and distinct parts of a room different (microclimates)—a plant that might work on a coffee table might not work on a bookshelf, for example. It discusses in detail which plants suit which room and how to care for them so that you and the plant are happy. It has added information on how to arrange the plants to make stunning arrangements for your home interior.

The book is composed of two halves: Part One is room-focused, with ideas for the reader who wants to green up a specific room(s) and what plants work in that room. The five rooms are: kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, hallway, and conservatory or light-filled living room/kitchen. Room by room, there is guidance on which plants thrive in each room as well tips on how to break the rules (with kit or tricks like LED lights or water reservoirs).

Part Two is plant-focused, with a directory of house plants in two sections. The first section covers the best classic house plants that are easy to care for and best for beginners. The second section discusses new and slightly more adventurous houseplants that are trickier to care for but worth it.

This is the most practical guide to building an indoor garden, room by room, to ensure a happy home.

Hardcover | 224 pages | 7.72" x 9.95"