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Go-Go Guys

Rowboat Watkins

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New from the beeping brain of Rowboat Watkins, award-winning author of much-loved children’s picture books including Rude Cakes, Mabel: A Mermaid Fable, and Big Bunny. This comic-style adventure follows the Go-Go Guys from beep-beep-bed to the Moon and beep-beep-back again.

So . . . what do Go-Go Guys do best?

Well . . . GO-GO-GO! They never rest.

Because their brains go




They simply will not go to sleep.

Will the Go-Go Guys ever STOP? Kids and parents who know how hard it is to wind down for bed will enjoy every moment of this zany rhyming read-aloud that will elicit endless giggles!

Hardcover | Ages 6-9 | 48 pages | 7.90" x 9.45"