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One Giant Leap

Thao Lam (CA)

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A playful wordless story about the power of imagination and creativity in play

A child zips up their orange suit, pulls on a pair of boots, and adjusts their hat. They’re ready for an adventure. But where are they going? With the push of an elevator button, their adventure begins, and they’re transformed … into an astronaut!

The child takes one small step into a barren landscape. Then one giant leap. Soon, they’re hopping around a strange new planet and scaling space mountains. But they’ve got an important mission—finding their lost spaceship! In their search, the astronaut discovers colorful space creatures of all shapes and sizes. Suddenly, a blizzard hits, and the astronaut races through the storm right into … the school hallway! The little astronaut was a child on their way to school, and the space odyssey was all part of their imagination.

This inventive and satisfying new wordless picture book from acclaimed author and illustrator Thao Lam celebrates a child’s talent for making the mundane magical. Thao’s signature storytelling style is dynamic, engaging, and rewards close observation. Keen-eyed readers will spot clues in the illustrations that reveal what’s really going on and feel inspired to creatively reframe tiresome tasks.

Hardcover | Ages 3-7 | 48 pages | 10.00" x 8.50"