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Hello Tiny World

Ben Newell

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A friendly journey through the captivating world of terrariums—from the creator of one of the most famous terrariums ever.

Hello Tiny World will inspire a wide readership to discover the tiny wonder of a different kind of container gardening in their own homes—no outdoor space needed. How can terrariums teach us about the environment? Can working with plants improve our mental health and well-being? How do we learn to express ourselves and our creativity through these wondrous mini ecosystems?

Hello Tiny World is Ben Newell's exploration of these questions as he weaves in his own personal experiences, alongside practical projects with photographed step-by-steps allowing readers to delve into the detail of how to make various terrariums—from beginner terrariums and terrariums on a budget, to more creative and ambitious projects. Those curious to learn about ecology and living sustainably as well as those interested in how plants can help our well-being, mindfulness, and creativity will all be served by this book, alongside horticulturalists who have yet to discover terrariums.

Hardcover | 224 pages | 7.00" x 8.87"